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Matched Set and Complete Set



Upgrades and gap filling.

Ever since I started getting the 2008 business strike presidential dollars I've been trying to deal with a bit of an inbalance. The 2008 coins were all MS66FD, the 2007 coins were almost all MS65FD. This was partially because in the first part of 2007 the MS66FDs were getting pretty steep prices and I didn't want to pay that much. In 2008 though the MS66FD prices came down rather sharply, even for the 2007 coins. So in addition to adding the 2008 coins I've been slowly upgrading the 2007s to MS66FDs. I managed to upgrade the Washingtons the Jeffersons and the Madisons. The only coins that remained at MS65FD were the John Adams P&D. That's been bugging me over time. The biggest road block though has been the price of those 2 coins. Most dealers want $250 or more for the pair (they have to be graded by NGC too or the set won't match). I found someone selling a set for considerably less than that the other day though and I decided "why not" and bought them! Once they arrive I'll finally have the first 2 years of the set complete and perfectly matched in MS66FD! At the moment I think that would put me on page 2 for that category; not bad IMO.

My step-father and I also finally tracked down a nice MS66 1956-D quarter that's a nice clean looking non-toner. We've ordered that coin and when it arrives it will finally complete the 1956 year set. Now if I could only find that 1955 nickel that we need in MS66 or better... oh... and if a 1932 double eagle could magically appear at my doorstep... that would be nice too. I won't complain... I promise!




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