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? It?s an honor.

Truth be told, I was shocked for a moment when I refreshed my page and saw a new little icon sitting next to my name. I think we all hope that we might receive such recognition but I personally didn?t think I?d get it. There are so many other journal authors that write frequently with a passion and a conviction that I can only admire. It adds a certain force to their writing that?s hard to miss.

I?ve been kinda lost the last couple of weeks as far as ?where do I go from here?? The new year also brings a certain emphasis on ?looking back.? So for the last week or so I?ve been using my journals for exactly what the name suggests, I?ve been re-reading them to reconnect with and reappraise some of my thoughts and feelings regarding my collection. I have to say I rather enjoyed most of the 2008 entries. It was fun revisiting those memories. I started to cringe when I got back into the 2007 journals though. My god! I was lame! I don?t know how anyone tolerated me. Perception and time are really funny because I honestly didn?t think I?d changed much in the way I write journals. I couldn?t have been more wrong. All I can say is that I promise to never go back to that.

Well, getting back to the point of this? I would like to say Thank You to NGC for generously providing this venue for our self-expression. My thanks go out to the staff of judges who have given me this honor which I?m not entirely sure I?m worthy of. I now find myself in very good company with the likes of Neverman, and Jackson. Finally, thanks go out of the people that have read my journals and who periodically send me messages to tell me that they liked what I said. That means a great deal. I am equally grateful when something I?ve written offers some small inspiration to another collector or journal writer.

Congratulations are due to anyone who won a registry award on any level. Yesterday some great guys who are regulars on the chat boards were winners in the ?Best Presentation? category and we were all very happy for them. That is such an awesome achievement. I congratulate Neverman on what is now a very impressive streak and I hope that this weekend finds W.K.F. well. He hasn?t posted any new journals in about 4 months which hopefully just means that he is keeping very busy but is very successful.

I want to give a nod to some of the other journal authors: NAS Fallon Firefighter, RareSov, Audrop, Michael W Cooper, Stgecko, Yevrah, King of Eagles and many others. You?re all great. This place wouldn?t be the same without you. You make me smile and laugh. You make me think. RBG, namvette68, Low Budget, Appleseed and other new authors that have started posting in the last few months are all showing great potential to contribute to the community. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say in the coming year.

Wow? did I make that long enough? Well? it was necessary. That?s my story and I?m sticking to it! Catch you all next time.




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