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Birthday Present and the Missing Set....



A cool new purchase and the worst kind of magic trick.

Well, as I meantioned in a previous post I was wanting to get something special for my set for my birthday. Last year I purchased the 1 gold coin in my set (a 2007 MS70 $10 gold Eagle). It occured to me that it might be fun to get another gold coin of a similar size and make it MS70 and maybe make this a yearly tradition for myself (heck, why not?). I had thought about getting myself one of the new factional Buffalos but the demand around those seems a bit intense right now. Then I thought of something much cooler: The 1987 Constitution commemorative (in PF70). This coin looks awesome. I love the eagle design it uses. The first time I saw a picture of it I wanted one I just don't normally get to spend enough on one coin to buy gold. Well, I decided to do it anyway. This is basically the only new purchase I get to make for about a month but I ordered it. I had to wait for Friday (10/24) though for payday to come. Now that I have the Constitution coin coming I think that I might save up a bit and order the Congress and/or Bill of Rights coins around Christmas.

I'm somewhat less happy about this next bit of news. About 2 months ago I ordered 4 out of the 5 coins for a 1965 SMS set. All of them were MS66 or MS67 Cameo. The set ranks about 11, I was hoping to make it into the top 10 with the addition of the 5th coin. 1 Month after they arrived Hurricane Ike hit Houston. The coins traveled with my step-father and the collection stayed safe. Well, in the aftermath of the storm these 4 coins and his camera went missing from my step-father's desk. It took a while for us to notice because of trying to get power and drinking water back and dealing with trees falling on houses. No other items are missing. Coins don't walk off. The entire house has been turned upside down looking for these coins (they weren't cheap) and they haven't been found after a month. My mother and I think they've been taken. My step-father doesn't want to think about it because there's only 1 other person that had a good opportunity to take them. I won't go into all the problems we've had on THAT front. For now I'm leaving the set in my registry, but if the coins don't show up I might feel the need to just say that they're gone and remove it. I'm not happy about it though.

I'm looking forward to the possibility of getting a couple of registry awards this year. They'll be for year sets with 6 to 10 coins, so there are some that would knock the accomplishment but I really don't care. Taking #1 in some of these year sets is no small task. I didn't join to rank #1 but it is nice for the ego to get a little bit of bragging rights.




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