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Missed Lincoln Opportunity



Can't win them all.

Or so the saying goes. A prime example of this fell into place for me twice last week.

First, there was a 1971P Lincoln MS67 that had been on ebay for a while listed at $179. The seller lowered it last week to $129 so I had watched it all week and was set to bid on the coin as the seconds ticked down. Low and behold as I went to bid and the "winning" excitement set in, I hit the wrong !@%? button. Lost that one!

Second, an opportunity also presented itself on ebay for one of the 8 existing 1983D NGC MS68RD Lincolns. Now I looked at the registry and could easily account for 5 of these coins. That left only 3 so I knew I had to bid. This coin was listed for $199 with a BIN of $300. With the BIN set at this price (and out of my range, but so was the $199 but I had to have this coin) I figured it would be snaped up as I anxiously watched all week. That never happened so I figured I had a shot, maybe a small one. At the last second, I bid and realized I had lost the chance to own on of these 8 jewels (for the Lincoln collector anyway)!

So what did I do? I settled for an MS67 - the next best thing. While I was at it I went ahead and purchased a 1984D MS67 (only 6 in 68) and a 1991P MS67 (only 8 in 68).

So the saying goes...



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