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Return to an old venture.



Once upon a time in the Collector's Society,

I held the #9 Registry Set for Lincoln Memorial Proofs (1959-Present). It was a very nice set of many top pop coins and other highly graded pieces. Unfortunately, personal finances dictated the sell of this set. It was a SAD day in this house, let me tell you! I "mourned" the loss of this set for about six months. I had but one comfort. That being the set now belonged to another Registry member (I could still stop in, visit and say hello) and that set now resides slightly higher in the ranks than when I held it.

All of that being said, I dreamed of the day when I again would begin acquiring my once beloved Lincoln Proofs. Fact: This set was once my top priority in collecting, much like my MS Lincoln Memorials are now. Well, long stoy short, I took the long awaited plunge once again. The love of these coins never really subsided, it just went into remission for a while. The love and need have returned full force. Now I am faced with a challenge, a new one for me.

I'll compare it to children for lack of a better analogy. I only have one child, my son. Right now he (as my child) has my undevided attention and love. Suppose another little vumc409 came along. That undying love and attention would have to be shared, equally of course, but nontheless shared. Same goes for my two "coin children", my Lincoln Memorial MS set and my Lincoln Memorial Proof set. I am going to have to find that equilibrium and time for each one.

Although I have some "less than desirable" extras in my proof set, I have once again, finally, added a top pop coin to my set, albeit a rather common mintage in the proof world.

Welcome the new addition! Thanks for reading....




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