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"Skinny Chicken"



Received mine yesterday.

The clad MS 50c piece that is. I guess I can see why most agree the baby eagles look like skinny chickens, but the Challenger eagle on the reverse is quite stunning in my opinion, especially with Old Glory whisping in the background.

As for the silver dollar and gold $5 dollar, I haven't had the opportunity to have them in hand yet, but I don't really see the "skinny chicken" on those. Ok, maybe on one side of the $5 gold coin, but nothing else.

Anyway, received mine at NGC MS69 and added it to my commemorative set giving me a total of 8 coins in the combined set (4-halves and 4-S$1 if I remember correctly, which is often a gamble in and of itsself).

Never realized how nice looking some of these commem coins are, having never really paid any attention to them at all. Now that I have some in hand, I can see that most are really something to admire (don't care to much for the 2001P Capitol coins so far). Having just purchased the Q. David Bowers book on U.S. commemoratives really helps put a true perspective on these coins also.

I think I might be rambling here so I'll sign off with a pictue of my 2008 50c Eagle commemorative.

Thanks for reading....




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