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Justification Needed...



for explaining to the wife.

Received our tax refund last week so I decided to buy a few coins. Even that thought was a no-no since the wife said to put it in the bank!

Well, I didn't heed those oh so wise words and how I wish I had (mostly anyway!). I've dropped about $800 in the last week. Before you get the totally wrong idea, I had her blessing on some of the coins. I'm trying to put together two new Signature Sets so off I went to hunt down coins for these sets. I found plenty and didn't have to spend much on the coins. I'll keep the contents secret until they are unveiled.

What she didn't know about was the work on my 2004 MS and PR Mint Sets, the Roosies (1-68FT and 1-69FT), the 1985 Lincoln MS68, or the 2008 Lunar Year of the Mouse, the 1994 SP Jefferson, the 1996 PR70 Quarter, the ... well, you get the idea! Bad thing, I still have ten more items in my Watch List on ebay!!!

It was great fun while I was doing it, you know, the thrill of the hunt thing. Great for the points standing here at our little club.

Not so good for the pocketbook or because I still need to tell the wife. Maybe ... I'll claim the coins were secretly speaking to me and said they were a must buy? Probably wouldn't work. Not sure what will except ponying up!

Yeah, I too belong to belong to CCD.

Until next time, thanks for reading.



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