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My Heart was not broken, but crushed



I know what Bruce means

Well i got such a crushing feeling today when i went online to check my status on the three coins i sent in. Two of the three coins did very well but the one that i was thinking would come back at lest a 64-65 more like 65 only came back only a 62. Well I was mad as a bee if you could have heard me you would have run for cover. I was #*!^ en Mad. It should have not came back so low it has all the things it need to be a 64-65 for a 1925 1 Krona now i have a 1929 2 kronur (made of the same metal) that does not look better then my Krona and that graded a 65 some years back. are they just filling graded slots ?. and not really grading the coin for what it is . I mean that this coin is a wonderful peace If i remember it only had a very small bag mark and had chartwheel and really nice luster. a real BU now the other coins did ok but they are the first of its kind to be graded by NGC or PCGS or any other grading service that i know of and the one coin that did much better then i ever would have thought came back a 63 but that was a new variety. go figure. well I'm going to have to take this up with NGC about this grade i got for the 1925 1 krona. Like i said in one of my journal entries last month they are hard on Icelandic Coins. like what bruce said today maybe they just have not seen many coins of that mintage but it does not mean that this coins can't be of the same grade. thier are tons of U.S. coins that have the same grade on the slabs that are of the same year. type that looks so much better then the others of the same grade and type and year. so what is going on here .



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