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Messages Disappear....Bummer

Admiral Mike-migration


We may not like it when a post disappears... but it is, afterall, NGC's board!!

This comes from a guy who has, himself, had posts mysteriously disappear. Guess there wasn't much mystery... NGC didn't like what I said and POOF no more post! Thats the chance I take when I post a messgae.... you do the same.

So... what would make a post disappear? If enough people find a post offensive and complain, the post will be sent into the twilight zone. If the post is not numismatically related, it should find itself buddied with the offensive post. If the post, while numismatically related, is not for the general good of the hobby...ZAPPED to the Outer Limits!! I am not even suggesting that recently deleted post fall into any of these catagories... who knows!?

We need to respect the fact the board and this entire site is owned by NGC, and as such THEY MAKE THE RULES. As such THEY CAN CHANGE THE RULES TOO!! We are always at liberty to find another forum or perhaps even start one up ourselves.

I am not coming down on anybody nor am I defending anybody, these are just the simple facts. Journals get posted, sometime they disappear... that's life! Let's move on!

Respectfully Submitted

Michael Cooper

Look at this... I think it is way cool. 1928 Merc. Look between the 9 and the 2, half of another 9 is right there... I certainly would not call this a doubled die, because some ANA goofball will get all over my case, and this post will disappear... But I really think it is a great find. I would welcome any comments on this dime. Have a great weekend.




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