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Maybe I was a little to harsh about rfar situation




Just a Short time ago I read rfar response to my journal entry in a email to me and i was very impressed with the way he conducted himself to me in his email. And I thank him for his well mannered letter showing me how respectful and gracious he can be. Maybe I was a little harsh to his situation really did'nt mean to be. I have been involved in coin collecting since 1968, all most one month shy of forty years and seen so much of this hobby go to the wayside because of all the BS that has come to this hobby in the past forty years of my life. Its become a hobby of dollars and cents and how much money some people can get out of you. like back in the 80's when morgan dollars that was grade at ms-65 was going for thousands of dollars because some wall street firms were selling them in thier portfolio's and now you can buy those same coins for a hundred bucks or so. I'm just tired of people messing with the hobby. It used to be a very respectful hobby. Coin collecting became a passion for me many years ago. and still is and me being a person that loses interests in thinks quickly that is something that must be important to me. If anyone out there feels the way I do ( the love of collecting coins ) less discuss what this hobby has become and were is it going, so all you true numismatists out there what do you think. Please let us know. Thank You RFAR for opening my eyes a little more.



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