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Copenhagen Mint And The Icelandic Coins Of 1922-1940



Friend or Foe of the coins of Iceland

While examining one of my newest addition to my Icelandic coin collection I thought of a few of the other 1 and 2 kronur Brass coin's that I either owned or looked at, and came to one conclusion or at least a thought came to mind. The Copenhagen Mint In Denmark produced some of the worst quality coins in modern times for one of its possessions (Iceland) I have ever seen, not that i have seen a lot of coins from around the world. Its just that it seams that they made no effort in making some quality planchets for mintage of the one and two Kronur coins. The problem is that when the metal was being rolled in to sheets they may have rushed the process causing the metal to maybe roll over its self again and again making the coin flake apart or you maybe able to see were the metal was flatten and leaving a seam somewhere on the coin. now i have noticed this on the 1 eyrir coin as well. But i must say that the 10 and 25 Aurar coins were of much better quality then the rest. Plus the fact it was made with a lot of nickel in it .It properly made a big difference in the manufacturing of the planchets. And now their is polishing marks we can talk about well anyway. So doing i worry about the coin having a processing error so to say or just be dang happy I have such a nice coin. I will further look into the minting process of these coins in the future.



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