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Icelandic coin collecting not for the inpatient collector



Proberly one of the few countries that has a very small amount of coins minted (that is not enough) for a population of less then 250,000 residence of this small island country in the middle of the north atlantic ocean. Another words thier just wasn't enough coins to go around.

Well this is my first entry in this journal,since I first joined the collectors society over a year and a half ago. I started to collect Icelandic coins around four years ago. since only having a paupers pocket with a kings taste, well I had to get away from U.S. coins and as well as really liking only the very early stuff. Just made it so much harder to collect when all you want is the perfect coin. So i sold all the U.S. Stuff and started to pay all my bills Not that they were worth alot of money but it took care of a large part of what i owed. Well to get to the point or moral of the story, icelandic coins can be very hard to obtain in unc condition for early coins and to get really nice ones that would grade anywhere near MS-65 maybe as hard as obtaining the 1913 V nickel and in comparsing just as pricey. So even though icelandic coins are much cheaper they can be very hard to find in truly nice unc condition you will properly have to pay a very good buck for them. Like one of my latest icelandic coin I got at the Ponterio Auction this weekend at the 2008 New York show. But I must say this, if there is a perfect coin of this year (1925 1 Krona) I might just have it now. It is truely a beauitful coin. And sometime in the near future it will be sent to NGC for grading.



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