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Every once in a while something goes right




Well, as you probably know, I'v been concerned about my beloved 1971 set, and being tossed down to number 5. Thanks to HA, I was able to attain a half 69 DCAM for what "I" would consider a good price. My darling wife would disagree, seeing that it's only 50 cents, and if I paid $1.00 for it, I got ripped off. Let's not tell her just yet the price I won it for.

AND WITH THAT SIAD, here's the teaser part where I said "kinda". Yes, I got my coin for a price I was willing to pay, but they had 3 up for auction. One I just jumped on and "bid to secure", but another one was at a ridiculous $500, so I put 750 on it "just cause". If I won it, great, I could re-sell in a heart beat.

At auction close, I won my secured bid, but the other that I did get outbid on was won for $900. What kinda got me was that it was 300 less what I got mine for. Well, heckerdoodles....at least the quest is over, but it could of been over cheaper!

Like I said, let's not tell the wife just yet. I have a feeling...a very STRONG feeling that I will be selling my hot sauce collection to pay for this one.

Now I just need a cent and a nickel in the same grades....(hear the evil snicker)?




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