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Has anyone ever bought a $10 platinum 2005 graded MS70 accidently??



Apart from me, and then having to tell the wife??

I should be banned from Ebay...or at least be under supervision, and I'm not talking about superman's eyes!

I was going through Ebay one night, and one search turned into something else. I can be searching for a good replacement for my registry 1971 proof set (which I really need now), and end up looking up General Grant's signatures. Don't ask me how I do that...that's why the supervision.

One night I found myself looking at $10 platinums, and a 2005 was going for around $200 (First strike 2005). I thought it would be a nice gesture on my behalf to buy that for my daughter, since it's her birth year. I put my bid in for something like $220. Well, after I do that, then I see a regular 2005 $10 MS70 going for a buy it now of $189. With shipping and ins was going to be right around $200, so I did that!

Well, I have twin boys also, born in 2003, so I get on a quest to find the best price in the same grade. I put a bid on one, and went to sleep. I woke up the next day, and saw I won an auction. So now I have 2) 2005, and 1 2003. I finally did end up getting another 2003 at a good price @ around 200 also. Now I just have to sell the other 2005.

I bet all of you were waiting to see if I got my butt chewed, didn't ya! Well, I didn't! So HA!

OH!! Speaking of HA (HA.com)...there was this one coin I saw that.....

....to be continued



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