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Wissahickon Collection


A Review of the Year: purchases, sales, and goals.

*Top 15 Most Wanted List:

As in 2006, I was able to acquire only 3 coins on the list; however, in 2007, they were higher ranking coins (#1-2-4).

The other difference is that I purchased #1 twice! I found the final coin needed to complete my Barber Quarter set (1900-S, MS-62) in January, and was lucky enough to spot a nice upgrade (MS-64) in October.

I noticed a continuation of quality issues throughout the year. I rejected over 60% of coins that I considered for purchase.

*Total purchases for the year were in the following catagories:

-Seated H-Dimes- 18.2%

-Buffalo Nickels- 15.6% (Mostly upgrades)

-Barber Quarters- 7.8% (Mostly upgrades)

-W.L. Halves- 7.8% (Mostly upgrades)

-Peace Dollars- 7.8%

-Morgan Dollars- 7.8% (Mostly upgrades)

-Seated Dimes- 6.5%

-Half Cents- 5.2%

*Primary areas of collecting interest:

1-Seated H-Dimes

2-Barber Quarters

3-Buffalo Nickels

4-Seated Dimes

5-Half Cents

So, 53.3% of my purchases were within my areas of greatest interest. A large portion of the other 46.7% of my purchases were "targets of opportunity"- nice coins at the right price. Imagine what my acquisitions might have been if I didn't have my list of 15 to give me some guidance!

*Sales and Trades:

I sold my last large grouping of coins, this year. I eliminated most of my remaining Mercury Dimes and Washington Quarters, except for the few keys and semi-keys listed in my registry set; plus a few proof coins. My Franklin Halves have dwindled to one proof and 2 MS coins.

The remaining sales consisted of duplicates and upgraded coins from a number of other series (with the exception of multiple key dates).

This is all a part of my on-going goal and effort to sculpt my "IDEAL" collection. i feel that I'm getting closer, but the target continues to move. As always, THE CHALLENGE IS FUN!!!

Happy collecting and good health to all, in 2008!



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