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Wissahickon Collection


A Revised Approach to Creating My 2008: 15 Most Wanted List

In the past, when creating my "List", I would start with the previous year's list and adjust/ remove existing items; then add any new coins that struck my fancy.

While reviewing my coin inventory listings in November, I decided to take a different approach for 2008. A zero-based approach:

-I ignored the 2007 list entirely.

-I then reviewed each coin series and noted each coin that I would most like from that series.

-I then prioritized the selected coins for each series (53 coins total).

-Finally, I rank ordered the top 15 from this grouping.

Was this difficult?- YES!! However, it was very effective in clarifying my thinking and forcing me to make choices in a somewhat objective manner, while I'm not looking at a possible acquisition.

Now, I fully recognize this is not a "pure" scientific process, but it does give me some guidance in keeping my "collecting focus".

When finished, I compared the 2008 List with that of 2007. I found the results interesting:

-#1-2-4 were purchased in 2007.

-#3 droppped to #25. (2007-2008)

-#5 to 37.

-#6 to 7.

-#7 to 24.

-#8 out.

-#9 to 21.

-#10 to 23.

-#11 out.

-#12 to 26.

-#13 to 40.

-#14 up to 10.

-#15 to 41.

Only 2 coins stayed in the Top 15!!

That's quite a shift! I'm certainly glad that I didn't just shuffle the 2007 list- Boy, would I have been off-track.

Happy Collecting, everyone.



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