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Darryl A Gomez

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Special Medals for U.S. Government Agencies



I'm not making it up when I say I created the "Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint" through cluster analysis.

I'm not sure how U.S. coin and U.S. medal experts missed this for seven decades (70 years). I've been blogging about this creation/discovery at my ANA blog (search DrDarryl).

More importantly, four new U.S. Mint medal series have been created/discovered based on the Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint.

What is the Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint? The U.S. Mint operates with three manufactoring functions. The U.S. collector community thrives on the first two manufacuting functions (see the images). The third has been lost in the annals of U.S. Mint history.

Of particular interest is the third manuacturing function. To simply state it. The U.S. Mint functioned as a made to order manufacturer for U.S. Government agencies. No federal legislation was required to establish the design, mintage, and issue date(s). That last sentence should be a shock for some. Yes, U.S. Government agency to U.S. Government agency (the latter is the U.S.Mint) procurements does not require federal legislation! Why? It's an inter-agency procurement!

I'm advocating that the Manufacturing Triad of the U.S. Mint be used as the level 1 organization structure (at least for U.S. Mint Issues). Level 0 is U.S. Numismatics. There are other level 1 branches for private issues. (This advocating is another topic)

The tough issue now is that production information is not shared with the public. So this is why for the last 70 years no documentation is provided by the U.S.Mint relating to Special Medal for U.S. Government agencies!

I'm the researcher that organized, formed, and created the President of the United States (POTUS) special Government medal (sGm) series (aka White House Office sGM). (google potus-sgm.com).

Well, that brings me to the main topic of this blog entry. I've submitted part of my POTUS sGm research collection  to NGC for grading and encapsulation (still in work). However, I received a small grouping back.

As you can see by the images, NGC named my collection (no fee) on the label. Most of these NGC medals are to be plate medals in my upcoming book.

I included a research find (periodical clipping) from my draft book. How come this Newport medal is not identified as a presidential artifact?

Struck by the Philidelphia Mint, designed by Frank Gasparro, and mintage 800. Used at President Eisenhower's Summer White House in Newport, Rhode Island during the summer of 1960.

Oh yes, my research can identify some of the 800 individuals who were awarded Eisenhower's Newport medal. And yes, procurement documents have been located. Two runs of 400 each was procured on different dates.

In closing, POTUS sGm ( or White House sGm) comes in 4 classes. The Newport medal is one of eight Class 2 medals. All share the same obverse (side with facsimile signature) and eight different reverses. Each are true-to-life presidential numismatic artifacts!







dago (1).jpg






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The U.S.Mint does not operate on its own. It doesn't even price it's products. It all falls under the Treasury Department so I don't get what your trying to say about the mint doing this or that or making secret medals. You need to get a nice ten page report from the Treasury Department and see how low they are on the totem pole. If the Treasury Department says make a medal for this or that it's just following orders. You should check your rerrance points. If the President of the United States says make a medal for a fallen C.I.A. Person. That's what his family gets for his service. I would pay for it myself

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