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Wissahickon Collection


Sometimes, it works for me, and some times it fights me.

Though it is not one of my focal collecting areas, I keep an eye out for business strike 3 Cent Silvers dated 1863 and later. The earlier dates show up with reasonable frequency, but I don't often spot the later dates.

Well, I got lucky in mid-October, and stumbled upon a very attractive 1867 AU-58 on a dealer's website. It arrived a week later and was just as pretty in hand. I was thrilled with the purchase, and feeling quite fortunate, in that my phone call just beat out 2 or 3 other interested buyers. (TIMING WAS MY FRIEND.)

Last week, I was scanning through lots in an internet auction, and decided to check out the Trimes. Well, wouldn't you know it-there sits a gorgeously toned 1867 3 Cent, MS-63. I mean, REALLY pretty toning!! So what do I do now?

For 2 days, I looked at that coin: 4 or 5 times a day. Finally, I bid and was the high bidder for 3 days. Now, what do I do with the coin that I already owned- and LIKE A LOT???

Perhaps, fortunately, someone outbid me on the final day, and I came to my senses- DON'T BID ANYMORE, STUPID!!

With 4 minutes left in the auction, I actually had to fight off one last impulse to bid, again.

With one coin, good ole' friend/foe timing hit me on both sides.

This collecting hobby can be strange at times, and seem to make me do some "strange" things, but I'm having fun!



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