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Wissahickon Collection


When That SPECIAL Coin Will Pop Up!!!

I'm so excited that I can hardly sit still in front of the keyboard!

Earlier this week, I called a favorite dealer about a couple of coins on his website. As we were talking, I casually asked about any new additions he might have to his Half Dime inventory.

He paused for a second, and than said, "Do you need an 1853-0 N/A in AU?

HELL YES, YOU GOT ONE?! (I yelled to myself)

"I'd be interested." I calmly said to him.

"We just got it, so it hasn't been priced or inventoried yet, but I'll give you first shot when it's ready."

"Sounds good." I said, still trying to sound calm.

Today he called me about another coin, and I asked when the 1853-O might be for sale. "Let me check." he said, and I'll call you back.

30 minutes later the phone rang:

-"Here's the price. Would you like it, today?"





I wasn't feigning calm anymore.

He E-mailed images, and I've been drooling on the monitor for a few hours, now.

The coin will ship on Monday, and I can't wait. I'm building a complete set of the Seated Liberty Half Dimes, but in my searching, I've seen only one AU of this issue (and I didn't like it). I maintain an annual list of my 15 most wanted coins, but this one is so seldom seen that I didn't put it on the list!!

I can't wait until "FedEx Knocks", but I'll have to be content for now with one more peek at the image.

What is it about a "little metal disc" that can get me so excited?!



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