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Added 36,000 points, dropped 1 in rank




As any one who has read any of my journals over the past couple of years knows, my collecting priorities lie in Morgan Dollars. Since completion of my Morgan set in April of 2006, I?ve added over 36,000 points and I?ve managed to drop only one notch in the rankings. Approximately $20,000 and one less position. SMOOTH! I?m not upset. My set is much higher quality than it was 15 months ago. However, I seem to be swimming upstream against an ever increasing current.

WARNING!! Journal Tangent!!

I finally managed to come up with an 1894-O Morgan in MS60. Not as high a grade as I would like, but, a good step up from my AU53. This coin served 2 purposes. It helped my Morgan set, and, it helped my 1894 mint set. A ?two for one? that I was glad to acquire.


For comparison, at completion 4/13/06, 9 of the 105 coins required for the set were MS65. Now, 15 are at MS65 with 26 graded higher. I don?t know how much longer I can keep this up, but attempts at upgrades will probably never cease. Certain dates will forever be below MS in my set. I don?t have any relatives rich enough to ?will? me an 1893-S, 1895-O, 1895-S, or 1884-S in MS.

By the way, ?Poor Man?s Insanity? has been fully imaged and now has a description or comment on each entry.

I still feel the thrill of receiving a package from Heritage, Teletrade, or some Ebay seller whenever it happens and I hope that excitement never diminishes. This hobby creates a joy that is constantly refreshing.


In checking ?Most Viewed? in Morgan sets, I?ve noticed a set with over 800 views that is an ?obscured? set. Who looks at invisible sets? Why would anybody who wants a set recognized be afraid to show the contents of that set? Who knows if that set even exists? BOYCOTT obscured sets.


This forum is set up for ?Collector?s Journals?.


Hey Coop, I hope I made you proud.




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