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I must be gettin' old....



Saturday night and I'm writing a JOURNAL entry.

It?s been 4 months since my last entry. In that entry I mentioned upgrades to my Morgan Dollar set. I also stated that the torrid coin buying pace I had been setting must slow down. I have upgraded 7 more members of the set, but I have not bought a coin for a month. That is, of course, if I don?t count a couple rolls of GW$. BTW, the rolls here were in rough shape also. The withdrawal symptoms are getting a little rough. Hence, I?m writing this instead of spending money on eBay.

Back to the journal. Upon completion of my Morgan set back in April of ?06, I posted a journal regarding upgrading or moving on. Fellow collectors helped me decide to upgrade. It really was an easy decision.

At that time my set was ranked 36th of 550 sets and totaled 60,000 points. Here we are 10 months, 49 upgrades, 32,000 points, and thousands of dollars later and my current rank is......36.

Disappointed? Nah! There are now over 750 Morgan sets in the registry and I?ve enjoyed tremendously watching my brethren build those sets. I do wish, however, that more collectors would include images. When one of my ?competitors? pops a 2000 point Morgan into his or her set, I?d love to get a look.

During this last month of ?abstinence?, I still get my ?fix? by surfing into this website or looking at my coins. I, like many, don?t have immediate access to my more valuable coins. I?ve compiled a loose leaf copy of my complete Morgan set. That?s 105 coins, 210 pages with obverse and reverse images of each coin on card stock and a printout of NGC?s census report printed on standard copier paper. I hope I?m not infringing on any copyright laws by printing NGC?s census. I can just remove any pages as I find replacements. Now my set is instantly accessible. I can easily show a friend or fellow collector any coin in the set. This project cost considerably less than any upgrade that may have tempted me. I also included copies of my journal entries.

Pic is my ?home? journal. The Morgan is my first MS67 (but not my last).




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