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Friends and Journals



And the winners of the "listed as a friend by the most number of people" award in the system so far are... (drum roll)

Before we open the envelope let me just take a moment to explain the friend system to anyone who doesn't understand it.

When you view another user's home page, you have the option to make them a friend or ignore them. Here's what it does:

Friends -

They show up on your friends tab on your PUBLIC home page so people can see who you've friended. Friends also show up on your control panel under "Friends Journals". This is an easy way to focus on (and make sure you don't miss) journal entries by your favorite people. On each user's public home page it will show you how many people have flagged them as friends.

Ignores -

When someone is on your ignore list, there are two effects. First, you won't see their journal entries anywhere, and second they won't be able to use the Contact Member function to message you.

Either of these statuses can be removed from members by you from your control panel.


OK! (drum roll starts up again) For no other reason than pure amusement, I looked in the database and have determined that our top "Friended" members at this exact moment are:


Michael W. Cooper



I guess writing a friendly, personal journal entry now and then draws attention!

So... uh... in celebration, here's a coin with a trophy on one side?




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