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The local coin dealer's "treasure chest"



Not to mention the 50% off on all the coins inside led to an unknown "so called dollar" buy

I'm stationed in Tampa, but for the past 5 weeks I've been in Panama City for school. Just for the heck of it on a Saturday, a friend and I went to a local coin and jewelry dealer just to check it out. Of course, lots of overpriced stuff for their 50% off sale so it was prety much window shopping. Long story shortened, I saw his "treasure chest" of coins, went through them and picked out a 1777 48 Einen Thaler in a cardboard flip ($1), a 1960 nickel marked "double profile and dome, extra step, wiskers", in a cardboard flip with rusted staples (.50), and this neat looking dollar sized coin, in the infamous cardboard flip marked "1682 1982 Wm Penn Indian 200th anniversity" ($1). It wasn't till I got back on base and realized that it should of been marked "300th anniversity". The coin is a nice darkened color, so I just went on what was written on the flip. Didn't find anything. I looked closer at the obverse, and saw that it was actually 1932! NOW, it's only the 250 anniversity, but NOW it's 75 years old vs 25 years. Needless to say, the heart got racing and only found 1 on Ebay listing BIN for $60.00. Mine isn't as good as his, but it's not far off! Here's what it looks like, although this isn't the one that I have (no camera, no cables, away from home thing) Needless to say, It's been A LONG time since I got excited about going to the coin dealer. (Side note: While I was there, a customer came in and bought some platinum and gold bars for 10k cash. Why do I think I have too much money in my wallet if I have over $50.00?)




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