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Computer grading coins?



ICGS have 40 feedback, 5 bids, and who knows how many already out there ready to send back. I did a search on item 150089887842

I'm almost for the computer grading idea. They say, when we submit our coins to NGC, they go through three graders. Frankly, I don't see how three people can come to the same grade all the time. How many entries on this board have said they had a great MS65, not a scratch on it, good strike, and it comes back as a MS63 or less? (that's also why I only play poker on the computer. I hate losing to people). I'd have to see it in action to really judge it. Good idea though. I did notice that they don't grade on the cameo of a coin, at least not in their example with a Franklin half.

As for me, I go over my submissions with my 30x and I start with 70 and drop down to 68 at the first nick, scratch or what ever imperfection I see. If I don't see any real noticable ones, I'm in hopes of a 69, but usually comes back as a 68. I attribute that to coin strike.

At least with a computer scan of the coin picture, it just may be a constant and not opinion. I guess the only way to tell how good this "system" is, is to break out a graded NGC or PCGS coin, and send it in. I'm willing to try, since I have some low grade and value coins. See how well they compare to the big boys of grading!



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