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We dont need the coin police...

Admiral Mike-migration


We need to educate...

Regarding the world of third party graders, we need to educate. We need to educate ourselves first. We need to have as much information (without sensory overload) possible to make our own decisions about TPG's. We should have some experience with TPG's ourself, combined with the experiences of others. Some data on current pricing as related to specific coins and coins graded by specific TPG's. All this and more in order to make our own informed decision.

After making this informed decision, we need to educate others within our great hobby. Those who may be new, those who have been absent awhile and returning and even those just tinkering with the idea of coins and even still those who have no real interest in the hobby but have recently "come in to some coins" and are looking for the best way to liquidate them.

This is a real jungle, as I have noted in prior posts. We all have our own opinions, feelings, ideas, possible solutions ect, and all combined can only confuse the new collector and sometimes even those more experienced. What to do. Educate!!

Educate with facts. Dont just give opinions or rely on statements that cannot be proven. If you think 3M grading is a terrible company... demonstrate why!! If XXX grading is the cats meow, show why... do they have consistant grading? Perhaps a superior holder? Intercept Shield? within the holder? Why are they the best...educate those who need to know.

There are too many people spouting bad things about alot of TPG's and I will not begin to diminish their reasons, so, EDUCATE. Don't just spout off, all wound up, without offering some other alternative. Be prepared to back up that alternative.

As for the coin police... when was it ever necessary to have ANA approval to certify coins?? Even the few TPG's recognized by the ANA make mistakes, just look at some of the more recent posts!! Being blessed by the ANA just means that your chances of receiving back from your TPG a correctly graded and holdered coin is much better than getting one back from my favorite company, 3M Grading. But those mistakes DO happen, and the coin police will not be able to do a thing about it.

Educate. There are several reputable publications that have realistic pricing for coins in the different slabs. That is information that needs to be more readily available. Why don't you buy a current issue of CDN? and donate it to your library? This way there is some info available to the general public and YOU can feel good about providing a public service without breaking your bank.

The ANA has its own internal problems, heck, they throw out thier own governors. How can we expect them to police the coin industry when they cannot even police themselves?

Educate. When you go to your favorite coin club meeting, share those experiences. Especially share with those who are new to you. Do you have a favorite dealer locally? What TPG's have you done business with?? Which did you like and WHY... and which ones fell short and WHY!!?? Dont just complain about the TPG's you dont like....educate. Make this whole hobby better by sharing constructive ideas not only in grading, but holdering, customer service and other aspects of the hobby.

We all know there is alot of "alphabet soup" out there. We all have our favorites and our follies... educate those who are just now trying to make sense of all those letters.


Michael W. Cooper

p.s. Dont trust TV guys with big smiles and bright white fake teeth. Sorry....I just HAD to say that! :-)



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