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While I wait for the right 1916-D Mercury dime to become available ( and at the right price) to finish the final hole in my last album, I decided to start the next one. I decided on a relatively easy set- an 83 coin, Silver Washington Quarter Dollar, Whitman album of 1932 thru 1964 coinage.

I call it easy for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that I had 4 rolls of mixed-date silver quarters already in my stash. Besides 2 heavily worn Barber's, one holed Seated liberty quarter and a score of low-grade Standing Liberty's, the remaining 120 or so were all Washington's and of a surprisingly wide spread on the dates and mintmarks. I suspect that one of the rolls was from someone's incomplete set they were assembling as almost all 40 were different dates and not the standard roll which usually has 30 1960's coins and a smattering of worn and damaged earlier coins.

The second reason I figure that this album will be easy is because there are really no high-cost key dates. The 2 semi-keys, the 32-D and 32-S appear readily available in VF+/XF quality for $150 or so. I figure I'll snatch up some problem-free coins for these 2 issues, already graded and crack them out. I usually keep the labels and tape them in an envelope or flip inside of the back cover for the cracked-out coins.

So I was surprised to find that I already owned 58 of the 83 coins for this new album. Since I'm not going to give myself the usual challenge of a small grade/quality range or require appearance similarity--it is just a matter of finding problem-free coins with honest wear to finish this set off. Even if it is easy, it is still fun filling the slots and I still wait with anticipation each package that brings me one coin closer to completing the set.

Here's a few photos --- my newly started Washington album and TADA ! believe it or not I actually found an Indian Cent for my collection in an NGC slab--a nice 1889 MS64 BN ( which I listed in the registry for the heck of it but also placed in my true Indian Cent Collection in the Custom page.....

Happy hunting e1.......










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