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Good news...bad news.... Dont you HATE that!!

Admiral Mike-migration


The good news is WAAY better than the bad :-)

Having paid for another year to be in the CCS, I again received a certificate for 5 earlybird gradings. A 1936 quarter was body-bagged for improper rev cleaning. While that was a bummer it was really no big loss. A '43d quarter received a less than stellar grade, AU58. It will soon reside in the collection of my youngest daughter. A '41s Merc did fairly well, garnering a MS64. while I thought it was FB it did not get the designation. My '41d Merc did get the FB designation but only mustered a MS63. So you have to be wondering why I am still happy.... this is the rest of the story..(must pay tribute to Paul Harvey's trademarked storyline) The last coin in this submission is a '42P silve war nickel, proof. I bought it as a PR63... graded as PR65 so I am very happy about that.

I did send a nasty-gram to NGC though.. my coins were in QC for a week. Everyday I would check to see when they were cleared..nothing...aarrggh!! So today they finally got out of QC and are on the way back.

While I tend to chew on NGC from time to time, I still think they are the best. They just need to have problem customers, like me, to keep them on their toes.



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