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Buy the coin?? Buy the holder??

Admiral Mike-migration


Buy what makes you happy!!! That is the key !!

There are all kinds of opinions out there as to wether we should buy the coin or the holder. It would seem if you are looking at a really nice coin in an off TPG slab, then buy the coin because the slab and associated company is worthless... BUT if you are looking at a lesser graded coin in a PCGS slab... well BUY it NOW and then pay extra bucks to have it regraded on the chance it will move up. When it doesnt, send it to NGC (and pay yet more bucks) for a crossover... when/where does it end!!

I would guess that most of the people using this forum have a registry set they would like to share and upgrade as finances allow, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. I do not concentrate on JUST the slab or JUST the coin... I buy whatever makes me happy at the moment, owing to finances of course.

If you look at my many sets... only one is complete, other are in various stages and frankly, I dont care if any other sets are completed... I have fun. That is what this hobby is supposed to be about.... having fun.... and perhaps sharing that fun and knowledge with somebody close, like a son/daughter or maybe even a niece/nephew. It seems that so many of us are so wrapped up in our collections that they seem to be an obsession rather than a hobby.

Lots of people are concerned that PCGS/NGC prices for like graded coins are unfair in their disparity... I say that they are basically graded by the same standards... if I can accquire one for less money than the other... consider it mine!!

Just my two cents worth.


oh...ps... I have written a small guide on the "major" auction site... attached hereto is a link.


2005s Sac



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