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Dear Diary....

Admiral Mike-migration


wait...wait... diaries are for GIRLS!!! Journals can be used by anyone... so... Dear Journal...

It would seem as though all is NOT well in journal land. Some people complain about other collectors who ask questions. They tend to think that if you use this journal forum that you should be the end-all authority in coin collecting knowledge. They think asking questions is a waste of time, afterall, they already know everything and do not feel like sharing that information.

Then we seem to have some real whiners here in journal land. They try to espouse their own website and that is a no-no. The rightful owners of journal land say so and that is the way of things. So then the whiner will address their journal and tell tales of woe and threaten to leave journal land. Like that is really going to change the minds of journal land owners. To tell the truth they are glad whiner will leave and quit breaking their rules. Soooooo... whiner leaves and most of us are releived until whiner gets back into his journal and rambles on why he feels persecuted.

So, my dear friend, my journal, I just wish that when troublesome journalists ( you know, ones who have been suspended for being troublesome) threaten to leave, that they would not only leave but STAY GONE!!!!!

Thank you, my journal, for listening to my diatribe.

Should my entry survive this coin is from the British Virgin Islands. Elegance in simplicity. It is a beautiful coin.

BVI 1974 S



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