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Time to refocus



Time to switch gears.  Focusing on buying some investment property and need some capital. I haven't really added much

to my coin collection in awhile either.  I decided all my SAC, Presidential dollars and Silver Eagles must go.  If anyone is

interested, please look at my sets and let me know what tweaks your interest.  I am not done being part of this society just

clearing house... :)





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Refocusing is always a good thing. Our options and picks change over time and it is good to overlook your collection and figure where you actually want to go next.... (thumbsu


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Agreed.  Refocusing isn't bad at all.  Lately, my main activity in coins has been selling and buying and grading for resale.  I haven't been very active in collecting at all aside from some Canadian Whitman folder sets that I'm putting together from buying generic 80% Canadian Silver for bullion ( I like to have a little bullion around and the Whitman folders make it more fun!).  I've been doing other things.  I've rediscovered my artistic side ( I was an art student once upon a time) and I've actually been doing a lot with that lately.  It's been nice to reconnect with a part of myself and an area of interest that I haven't pursued since right after high school.  There's nothing wrong with stepping back and reassessing what direction you want to move in.  It'll happen naturally given the right amount of time and thought.  That's my plan right now.  I know that I'll likely always be a seller of coins.  I enjoy that greatly and it funds my hobbies.  Right now, it's just funding my art projects and other collectibles rather than my coin collection.  I may never get back to active coin collecting, and I'm actually ok with that.  Life is a funny thing, and offers up a lot of roads.  It'd be a shame not to walk down those roads just to keep going in one interest. 

Enjoy your hiatus and refocusing!!


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Thanks Rick!

It's always good to hear from you, my friend.  Speaking of life taking funny twists and turns.......with the help of my significant other, I have actually come up with a new coin collecting project that I'm now very excited about that I think will fit well with my other interests.  Talking to her often shows me new paths, something I highly value in our relationship.  It's a set that will soon be going up on the Custom Set side of our fine Registry.  And yes, I have been doing well with the Type 2's.....I'm fortunate in getting great opportunities to purchase them at prices that are fair to the seller but leave me room for nice profit as well.  I actually make most of my profit by grading, but I do alright with raw coins too.  I'm planning on expanding into some Modern World coins as well with my selling.....it'd be fun, make me a few bucks and give me a chance to piggyback some coins for my new project in NGC submissions. 

So what are you up to these days?  Still chasing moderns?  I hope so......I like seeing great collectors staying active in the Modern side of things!!  It's my favorite part of the hobby!
Best Regards


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