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The Australs set coming together...



I am now happy to say that pictures are up for both the Austral coins and the Peso Convertible coins. 

I'm very happy with how these came out...


But I'm thrilled to say I have a banner image now:



I always try to be mindful of how these look on the PC and my phone...

One thing that was important to me was having a prominent placement for the obverse of the 10C coin, which features the national Coat of Arms.

I've even gotten my historical write-ups done for 2 of the 8 coins - which I honestly consider the hardest and most mentally demanding of the tasks I've set for myself this month. The photos and the banner images are mentally much easier. The pictures in particular are mostly just a mechanical process of hammering through the shots and then applying basically the same processing to every shot at this point. Not a very mentally demanding task anymore.

I've also gotten banners done for two other sets that needed them - the 10 Lire set (Finaly!) and a new competitive set that one of my new turtle coins can go into (more on this one later probably - that Colombian turtle coin is really rather impressive).


At this point, my list of things I still want to do is shorter than my list of what I've done - always a proud place to be.

The main thing is just that writing to be done.

The rest of the turtle coins have had pictures of them taken but I haven't edited them yet. I'll probably use that as a mental break and reward for after a couple more of the write-ups are done.





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