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My collection so far.

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Eagles In Vermont


Today I received my proof type II silver eagle and it is gorgeous, encapsulated in it's OGP with certificate of authenticity, from the West Point mint. I now have proofs from both San Francisco and West Point mints. I am happy with my collection overalll and have just eight more dates/years before my collection is complete in terms of years of issue. After that will come variations thereof, but a lot more slowly! I spent a lot of time and cash to get started but I feel I will have something worth my while and maybe even more much later down the road.

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My latest additions are the 2021 proof type 1 from the West Point Mint in OGP with COA (and velvet box with eagle), my 2003 (in great condition) and a 2004 that is probably over-graded, but what the heck I have the date; on the other hand the detail on that 2004 coin is incredibly fine and clear. Maybe that's why it garnered an MS-69 with NGC even though there is a very noticeable divot directly on the sun on the obverse- but it is a nice coin otherwise. That leaves just six more dates to go. After that I can focus on my wish list and variants like the burnished, or reverse proofs, etc. I love doing this, but it is somewhat costly. I was aware of that potential cost when I got into this however, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I am well on the way to having a pre-eminent collection of silver eagles.

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Nice proof ASE's.  If you're doing a complete set of proof ASE's you'll have to go from 1986 to present. I personally collect only burnished ASE's that have been graded NGC MS70 (2006 to present). Burnished ASE's have  even lower mintages each year compared to the bullion and proof versions of ASE's for that reason they are considered (by some) to be a modern rarity.

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That's Awesome...I have been a collector of sort all my life but have really indulged myself in more resent years...  Really hold onto the Pr70 NGC Silver Eagles....Those going back to the 80's and 90's have become very, very valuable....and who would have believed a coin that was less than $100 bucks would now be worth into the $1000's....jwe

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Assuming they arrive safely in the mail in the next few days I will then have all 38 dates of issue for the Silver Eagle so far.  Some dates I have quite a few of. Most are NGC in MS 69, a few nice in MS 70 and some nice proofs, most with COA's OGP. Half a dozen of them are PCGS, but my preference remains NGC.  Anything else I acquire is on the wish list, as time and expense allow. Took nine months to complete the dates! Yikes, I slightly underestimated what I was getting into! But I love doing this regardless, and will keep on. Happy coining all.

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