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Signs of life and rays of hope.



I placed that order for the Venezuelan Coins from the Ukranian dealer about 2 weeks ago and hadn't heard a peep since. 

At this point I'd mostly written if off, thinking it increasingly unlikely that anything would come of it and just wishing the dealer well.

Today though, to my surprise, I got a shipment notice for 1 part of the order - the older 2002-2004 coins, but not the newer 2021 coins.

I'm happy to see a sign of life from the dealer. I'm glad to see something indicating that they're still alive out there.

I still don't know if I should have my hopes up for the coins making it out of the country. I also don't know if I'll be getting all of it (and they just only sent the tracking number on one item but it has all the coins) or just the older coins, if they do make it here.

I guess I'll see if I get any more tracking updates and / or another tracking number later.


Edited to update (3/30):

I got a shipping notification and tracking number for the 2nd part of the order today and something on tracking saying the first package is with the carrier.

I'm wondering if things are a bit safer around that area currently or if they just decided to go in and process orders. Hopefully this is a sign that they're feeling safe enough to conduct business in that area.

I suppose another possible explanation is that the war is making it harder to actually ship packages / give them to a carrier even when picked and ready.

It is amazing how much of what makes life function you get to take for granted in times of peace and how quickly that can be lost in war.

Hard to know much of anything really. But hopefully they make it through.

It is a great irony to me that the areas getting destroyed the most in this are the areas that most favored economic ties to Russia over the EU, and Russia is likely literally killing the friends they had in Ukraine. What's left of that country after this will likely never again see themselves as "one people" with Russia as Putin contends.


Edited again to add:

My Zimbabwe / Italy submission has made it to Grading / Quality Control Yay! I think based on this I might know grades in April sometime!



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3/31/2022 update: The Zimbabwe / Italy sub has moved from Grading / QC to Grading / Encapsulation/ Imaging. At this point I can't help but hope I might see official grades as early as tomorrow (4/1). 
However, there has been a big step up in the Zimbabwe population in the census and I can't help but wonder if these are my coins. I've been fooled by the before with Xan's submission last year but some of what I'm seeing lines up very well with my coins and this would be VERY good news for me if these are mine (and very bad if they're someone else's).

I submitted a single 2017 $1 bond coin and 2 2018 $2 bond coins. The census now shows a $1 BC in MS68 and 2 $2 BCs - both in MS69!!!! If those are mine I'm about to be freaking thrilled. Pop reports also show a new $2 1997 in MS64, which would be solid and easily dethrone that XF45 as a top pop - whoever owns it.

Shandy and Sam are both home sick today and so I can't do a full deep dive to try to divine grades from the pop report but this is very encouraging! A quick scan suggests some good MS64-66 grades could be coming back on the older coins,, which would be a big win for me.. Shandy encouraged me to go ahead and send both the 2018 $2 coins because they both just looked perfect and we could not choose between them.

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4/6 Update.

Apparently the 2nd group of coins I got a tracking number for - the 2021 coins - have made it to New York.

The first set were last scanned a few days ago in Kiev, of all places. These coins will have come from a literal war zone.

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The banknotes I ordered from this seller showed up a week or so ago but it was postmarked from Germany. Amazing that they are still conducting business and getting packages out of these areas (I have received items postmarked from Kyiv as well as other locations). It seems that quite a few of my regulars were able to escape from some of the occupied areas, but some have not resurfaced. :sorry: 

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