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The new Challenger has stepped up... and I think he's serious!

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A few months ago I posted about a new set appearing in the Netherlands 10G set that had a coveted MS64 example of the 1879/7. This left me with a lot of questions and now they've just given me a lot more information and a lot to think about.

The member has added 5 more coins to the set, including all the rarer dates, including the 1885 and the 1886 I've long looked for... and they all have the same invoice number... numbered -001 to -005.

They almost certainly submitted these themselves. So they're almost certainly building this set from scratch. Which I think means they probably made that MS64 1879/7 themselves.

Which would mean this person has taken the path I have now long avoided taking to finish my set. They have subsequently upgraded/ replaced it but they had an 1887 coin that is a prime example of why I've been hesitant to buy raw and self-submit these - an Unc Details grade for cleaning.

I can't speak for them, but that would have hurt. That would have been a disappointment to me. A big one. I'm guessing it stung them too because they already swapped it for an MS66 top pop. 🤣

I'm thinking they must be buying these raw now - possibly through European sellers on MA Shops like I thought I'd have to do. I have to think if they were submitting a raw set they've had for years then the whole set would have shown up graded all at once. Or at a minimum submitting the 1879/7 solo would feel a bit odd. But I could be wrong there.

The more important question I feel this leaves me with is - what do I do about it? Because I have to think that with all the rarer dates accounted for now the rest of the set is coming and the pace of things definitely seems like they're gunning to win the category in 2022. And I'm going to have a hard time keeping the top spot if his set is 100% complete and mine is 72%.

I've won with that set for 6 years - every year that Ben has been alive so far, and I'm keen to defend that title if I can. But even if I throw down the cash and send in the coins I'm not guaranteed to hold onto the title - especially if this person has enough cash to throw at the problem fast enough. And I'm not sure I'm eager to throw down hundreds if not thousands of dollars over this and completely abandon / derail other projects. So, the more I think about it, the more I think the better path is to stay the course, stay patient, do nothing, and let them take it if they want it this year, and maybe for a few after that.

I've known for years there was a risk of a set showing up at the 11th hour in November and unseating my set. Props to this guy for doing his set building in the open early in the year and showing his hand.

Edited to add:

Speaking of Ben and 6 years. Today we celebrated Ben and 6 years of parenthood.



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I’m with you on staying the course and being patient. It may not be worth the effort to completely abandon or derail your other projects because like you said, you’re not guaranteed to hold on to the title. There will always be someone out there with just as much determination as you and perhaps, deeper pockets. And before you know it, you may end up in the ugly cycle of trying to be number one by constantly upgrading your coins.

I’m competitive, and like you, want to defend a title. I only have a handful of sets, and I am mainly focused on one—the Philippine silver commemoratives of 1947-1999 (circulation issues). Like your Netherlands 10G set, this one has attained number one consecutively since day one. Additionally, the effort I put into this set paid off when it received a Best Presented Set award. But I know that one day someone else will unseat me. When I started the set, there were only about five competing sets in that category. I had the distinction of having some of the first top pops in many of the set’s coins, which were practically all self-submitted. But as the years went by, the sets in the category ballooned (30 at last count) and slowly but surely, new or existing set owners started adding coins that matched, or in some cases, unseated my top pop coins. At first that bothered me, but eventually I realized that the coins in my set are special to me: From being hand-picked purchases to self-submittals for encapsulation (and all of the waiting in between), these coins are a labor of love, top pop or not.

So now, whenever I start to get the urge to “compete,” I simply remind myself that I am collecting coins, not points. And that am doing so because I enjoy the hobby and want to share my coins with the community.

So yeah, chose the better path—stay focused on your goals, and enjoy your hobby!

BTW, belated Happy Birthday to your son Ben, and congratulations on 6 years of parenting!

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On 3/29/2022 at 7:59 AM, The 12th Denticle said:

There will always be someone out there with just as much determination as you and perhaps, deeper pockets.

Yeah. Whenever someone comes out very strong with lots of (to me) expensive coins in a short span of time, that is a strong indicator that they're willing to outstanding me - willing to, not necessarily able to. I've seen plenty of examples over time of people debt financing hobbies. Which I'd never be willing to do. 

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...i feel ur anxiety....but as 12th said its not bout the points, its bout the coins...buttttt!!!!...remember what ricky bobby's dad said..."if u ain't first ur'e last"....:)

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On 3/29/2022 at 9:03 PM, zadok said:

remember what ricky bobby's dad said..."if u ain't first ur'e last"....:)

Don't you put that evil on me!! ;)

I'll just cry with my collection of gold coins while I quietly remember how fortunate I am. ;)

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