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An extra path...



For many years I have not only been following coins, and medals but also banknotes - and with a username of 'ColonialCoinsUK' it will come as no surprise that the focus of this was the banknotes of the British colonies. Congratulations to Alan Collection Malaysia for their Overall Acheivement Award in the 2021 PMG Registry Awards.

To date I have resisted the urge as I would like to collect everything but the British Empire and the Commonwealth covered many countries, and many years, and I just couldn't pick one area. I was also continually shocked by the prices of high grade examples so sets complimenting my coins of Australia, Canada, South/East/West Africa, Palestine, Hong Kong, Malaya, India and so on was an impossibility. Unforrtunately the prices obtained at the recent January auctions just emphasised this!:o

My interest in Napoleonic coinage meant that I have also become familiar with the banknotes of some of the other colonial powers e.g. France, Spain and Italy. Although these were typically more affordable than the British issues they still represented a significant challenge given the coins I would prefer to occupy the final slots in some key sets. I expect this is because I tend to be drawn to the more classical designs from the early 20th century rather than more modern issues.

@Revenant has made the jump to successfully collecting both coins and banknotes so it must be possible!

No doubt a Journal entry. or two, may appear over at PMG at some point as I have found what I think is an interesting area and I have even managed to put together a few banknotes to get started.:bigsmile:




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Good luck on your note collecting endeavors. (thumbsu Banknotes are just as fun and as challenging to collect as coins, I think more so, and I look forward to reading and chatting about yours across the aisle. Or wherever. :)

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I think if you're going to do call-outs Mike deserves equal or higher billing for his Ukrainian note collection. (thumbsu:headbang:

It definitely has similarities with coin collecting but it's different. With coins I can see the difference between a 64 and a 68 pretty easily but, with graded notes, I see essentially zero difference between a 64 and a 68. I can make an educated guess at grades with coins but when I submit notes it's shooting blind.

NGC and coins places an emphasis on photos and there is a level of skill with photographing coins that you need to win Best Presented. Over on PMG, everyone seems to just use a scanner and we're all happy with that.

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Thankyou both - I have been following Mike's progress with his Ukranian collection which demonstrates the knowledge and dedication needed. As does the Zimbabwe series :bigsmile:

I definitely need more practice grading banknotes on the PMG scale rather than the UK version and for the area I have settled on the graded populations (other than for certain issues) were surprisingly low so I will have to submit notes. It sounds like it is not just me that finds it difficult to see slight folds etc on scans, at least the older stuff has an end date. :roflmao:

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