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Double or not



Machine double or “double die” this is a proof.?








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Well...first of all, these giant blow-ups without full photos of the obverse and reverse are not very helpful at all.  To properly examine a coin through photos, we need good, clear photos of the full coin to place the blowups into their proper context.  Going forward, if you want us to help you, please follow these guidelines:

1. Post clear, cropped photos of your coin, both obverse and reverse.  Any blowups need to be accompanied by these photos or they're useless.

2. Make sure you ask a clear, coherent question in a sentence or two.  Just saying a few words is often not very helpful.  Tell us what you think you have going on and what you want to know.

3. Post one coin per question/thread.  If you have additional coins, make separate threads/questions for each individual coin.  

4. You're likely to get more attention if you post your questions in the Newbie Coin Collecting Question area rather than in a Journal.  Doing this will increase your chances of getting help in a timely manner.

5. Remember that most of us on here are simply collectors who do this without being paid for it.  Most of us do not work for NGC and we are not paid by them to participate here and share knowledge.  As such, it may take time to get an answer and you may not get one at all if we don't have a member that knows the answer to your specific inquiry.  That does happen.  Please be patient with us.  

6.  Please read this thread.  It will tell you all you need to know to be successful here with posting inquiries:


Also, please know that if you do not follow these guidelines, you will likely be ignored.  We do want to help you, so please help us help you.

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@Mohawk is correct we need to see full coin obv and rev photos, at the very least we need to know what year this coin is (shrug).    From just these photos it appears to be simple strike doubling not any type of DDO.   However the additional information and photos are needed to confirm.

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im sorry i will do better next time this is the coin i had graded i know for this year there is like 3 different varieties if you see the nose it is trippled . It came back just pr 68 red. 


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Thanks, that helps.   There are three important enough DDO's for this date/mm to receive an FS number, and several other very minor DDO's.   However when viewing your photos and the one available via the PCGS website I still only see MD, or strike doubling whichever term you prefer.

Also as you were the one that submitted this coin did you select variety attribution when you submitted the coin?   If you don't ask and pay for the variety attribution you will not get it.   If you did ask for and pay the extra fee then PCGS determined that you have simple MD and no variety, which is what I see also.

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