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Changing categories without notice... what next?!?

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Recently I found that NGC changed one of the categories I'm in to another country. I was even told that they weren't going to change or remove that same category when I ask they just remove the category as another category had the same coins this year. Then all of the sudden, they change it. OK... that's fine.... I guess I have to work on that since two of the coins fit their new country.

Then... this year.... they open a Silver $1 and a $1 Proof/MS categories for the Solomon Islands. I had asked them to open the silver one, but they opened a non-silver one as well. So I said .... OK I have some non-silver and silver plated ones. But as I ask NGC to add a coin to one category and another to another category, it was like they were upset with me. So now they lumped ALL the $1 coins into one category. I don't know about anyone else, but I like my silver and non-silver separate.

Anyone have an opinion on these changes, especially with no input from the collectors?

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It's not about what we individually think. It's about what they think will encourage the most interest and participation. (shrug) 

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Indeed.  And sometimes their decisions make no sense.  A few years ago, they considered Canadian Proof Like Sets from 1968-1975 as Proof Like Sets, just like their 1953-1967 predecessors.  Now, NGC considers those sets as "Uncirculated Sets" for some reason and because of their arbitrary dividing line and change in terminology, they will no longer designate the 1968-1975 coins as Cameo pieces, no matter how much contrast they have!!! And those sets are the hardest to get with Cameo!!! It makes no sense......if they don't change their ways here, I'm going to have to start sending my Canadian to PCGS.

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