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I don't really NEED all those but at that price I'll take them...



I've referenced in previous entries that I've been having trouble sourcing some $1 Bond Coins at a reasonable price.

All the other sellers I found offering the $1 coin were calling it "rare" (nonsense!) and asking $10-15 each for them. I've been trying to acquire multiples of all of these - usually 3-5 of each denomination - to have a better chance of getting a really nice one. But $10-15 each felt... rough. $6-7 is about the max I'll pay for these raw right now.


But the other week I found a seller that had 5-coin sets that included the 5C, 10C, 25C, 50C and $1 bond coins for $7 w/ free shipping. If you bought 4+ sets you'd get them for $5.60. That would get me 5 sets, 25 coins, 5 $1 coins, for $28.

The listing said the coins were pulled from bags the seller got on a visit to Harare and that the 5C, 10C and $1 coins were uncirculated but the 50C and 25C were mostly circulated - some only XF. But some may be uncirculated.

At that price, already having coins of the other denominations that I like, if the $1 coins were good, it would be worth it. Even if the other 20 coins were "trash," it's still cheaper than just buying $1 coins anywhere else on eBay right now. So, I went for it - 25 more bond coins!

I now have the coins in. The 5Cs, 10Cs and most importantly the $1 look great - as good as what I got from the other seller. I was very happy with the decision to go for these when I saw those $1 coins. I was happily pointing to them with Shandy before even really looking at anything else.


I've set aside the 2 best $1 and $2 coins - Shandy looked at them with me! :D That was fun! Those will form the start of a new 2022 submission, hopefully.

Adding an extra wrinkle to this, the seller advertised having a mix of 2014 and 2017 50C coins... All 5 of the ones I got were 2017s! The ones I had before were all 2014s. Two were clearly circulated, but the other three look pretty good. One of them in particular looks nice enough to maybe send in to have a 2014 and a 2017 graded for my set. But, if I go that route, I'll have to make a signature set in the registry to list them together in 1 set. lol

The 25C coins... yeah... those were no good - circulated. They look XF. Not worth bothering with in any case but especially with the one I graded coming back as an MS67.



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