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Artsy Coin Photos



Well, I'd really thought that after my Z coins hit grading on Tuesday of last week I'd get grades this week almost for sure and I'd be getting to post about the results. Sadly, this was not the case - I'm still waiting. But hopefully they'll finish soon. But I won't see grades before Tuesday now with Labor Day coming up.

Gosh... I'm really wanting to know the results and hoping to not be massively disappointed. This is dragging on and turning into a nail-biter!

In the mean time, I thought I'd take a minute and share some artsy nonsense with everyone.

Most of the time when we're taking coin photos we're trying to capture the whole coin with good focus, luster and detail or trying to take pictures with a microscope to see variety identifiers. Sometimes though I like to get shots that are more meant to approach the subject more artistically and wanted to share some of those just for fun:

I feel like you see a lot of similar stuff come out of NGC sometimes - when they want something to grab attention for some article or announcement.'

It's fun stuff to play around with when you're bored or just want to run from life's responsibilities... lol 









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Ahh, trying new angles and edits when photographing coins is my favorite pastime. That's when I enjoy my coins for free! Some of my coins have been photographed more times than I can count! I dare say that I have probably spent more time photographing my coins than I have spent researching my coins. Oh, BTW, nice pics! Gary

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Nice photos, I think the angled shots are much better at showing lustre and clean fields etc, this doesn't really show up on the 'head on' pictures. Also why people love gold.  I really need a proper camera!

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