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Added a key Auction Catalogue



The catalogue for the Paramount Collection from Heritage has just arrived and I will be adding this to my collection as it has some great information on rare world coins and will no doubt get referred to for many years to come.

As I mentioned in the ‘Auction Catalogs’ thread some of the standard references used in sales for the areas I have an interest in are actually auction catalogues rather than books, the main one being Napoleonic medals. I already had a copy of Bramsen (reprint, original 1907 and the first attempt at listing) and Julius (1932) so it was great that I have now also acquired a copy of the 1927 catalogue for the Prince d’Essling collection on the coins & medals of the 1st Empire Napoleon I to Napoleon III, so I finally have the three main ‘references’. There have been many more specialist collections since the early 1800’s and due to last minute work commitments I managed to miss the start of the latest Kolbe & Fanning Sale (March 6th) which had some rare catalogues for collections from this early period – this was a bit frustrating to say the least:(. I was surprised that the copy of Julius that appeared later on in the sale hammered at $550! (only the 3rd copy I have seen, including mine, and therefore looks to be a much better financial return that some of my coins:bigsmile:).

I know that you are supposed to buy the book before the coin but sometimes you have no choice – well that is my excuse.




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There is a wealth of information in those old auction catalogs. I am not surprised that someone payed $550.00 for the one you have pictured! I own several medals designed by Laura Gardin Fraser. Much of the information I have found pertaining to them is from an auction catalog. Thankfully, I accessed these catalogs through the Newman Numismatic Portal. This database contains a wealth of numismatic information free of charge! Although the portal doesn't and can't contain everything there is to know about every coin and medal there is, it is, nevertheless, a wonderful legacy to Mr. Newman. The NNP is updated with new and formerly lost, but found information on a regular basis.   

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@coinsbygary thankyou for your comments,  although I prefer paper copies of things I do have a number of catalogues/books etc that are now PDF downloads which is great as that is cheaper and takes up much less space!

I am aware of the NNP, and have some coins with the Newman pedigree, although it seems to have a US focus which is understandable, although it sounds like I need to check it more regularly if they are updating things as articles on individual Napoleonic medals etc have appeared in various periodicals which are always an interesting read and often contain information not available elsewhere.:bigsmile:

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