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Gold, a time to buy or a time to sit on the sidelines?



I very much enjoy a nice cold coin especially many of the early designs, but even some of the modern designs are very nice and present well.   As the price of gold has jumped up significantly I have curtailed most of my buying on the hope that what goes up must come down, at least that is what I am hopping for anyway.  However a couple of nice opportunities did present themselves over the past year and I did pull the trigger on a nice XF $3 gold piece and just a week ago on an AU $1 Liberty Head coin.  As a side note I cannot fathom what anyone was thinking by coining such a tiny coin, I see no way in the world that these could have circulated without being lost constantly.   The $3 coin is graded by PCGS and on a whim I sent it in to CAC with a group of coins where it was blessed with a green bean.   The most recent $1 coin was bought raw to place in my raw AU gold type set, I actually have a PCGS holdered example but just couldn't bring myself to break it out of the old green label holder to put in the raw set.  So now I need just three coins to complete the set; an Indian head $1 (which again I have one in an old holder just not willing to break it out), an Indian head $10 coin, and a double eagle.

But two of those are rather expensive at current levels and prices would drop quite alot if the spot price continues to slide down as it has been doing recently and were to approach the levels we were at a year or two ago.   So what are your thoughts, are you buying at current levels or are you like me and for the most part taking a wait and see stance on buying gold coins.



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I'm not buying much, but, as my recent posts indicate, I am buying and I do see this current pullback as a possible near-term opportunity. I haven't really bought much gold in the last year, I think since around Feb or March 2020, because of the spike up in prices until my anniversary present and now the 20 Lire. Even with the dip in prices its a bit rough to be buying any gold out there because premiums on things that are near melt have spiked.

I don't know if gold is currently bottoming as some think or if it is going to keep going down. I do think, long term, it will be higher, but that's just my 2 cents. 

And, of course, we both use old gold coins for avatar images. lol 

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44 minutes ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

I tend to think gold will continue to trend down, don't know if it will fall as far as 1,400 but that's my trigger to loosen the purse strings. That being said, I have purchased some gold coins over the past year + and if the right coin comes around spot price be damned. 

I think Moody's and most of the miners are assuming $1500 as the price it settles at for the "new normal," but even if they are right it'll move around and you may see a 14-handle. I guess we'll all see. If we see $1400 my gold stocks in Robinhood will be hurting but I may be happy regardless. lol

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12 hours ago, Revenant said:

And, of course, we both use old gold coins for avatar images. lol 

Lol true and its even more funny because I'm mostly a copper collector.   It sounds like many of you are taking a similar approach as I am, waiting but moving if the right piece happens to come along.   Overall I think that is a good strategy for the time being, I would love to see spot drop back to $1200 again but am not really expecting that.  If the spot price does get down to the $1500 range and hangs out for a while to let the coin prices settle I may look to find those two more expensive coins.  While not a priority set I should have been smart and finished this set back when I built my Indian head quarter eagle set, I paid around $150 each (minus the 11-D) for nice AU/BU coins.  That is also when I bought the saint and a couple of the other coins in this type set, should have finished it then while prices were much lower.

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I  adhere to dollar cost averaging to help me decide on a purchase. I have bought gold coins ranging from $400 to $1800 an ounce both going up and going down. For the most part I try to find the best price available and then buy. Sometimes tho, I bite the bullet because it is a rarer coin or one that doesn't show up very often. Or, it will complete a set:)  The hardest thing for me tho is finding coins in NGC coffins  because completing a set with a pcgs coin will not complete the set on my records here :(  I hate that, but it is part of an OCD thing I guess.  I have been finding more coins on Great Collections that have been cheaper plus there is no sales tax and with a higher price coin that adds up quick.  Happy hunting :)

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Enjoy "a nice cold coin?"

These summers days, after doing home maintenance outside, "a nice cold beer" is more like it.

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