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"Bad Luck Pennies" / "Hard Times Pennies"



I had to run an errand today and I found a penny in the parking lot on the way to my car. I stopped and picked it up like I have always tended to do ever since I was a small child, as I was encouraged to do.

I remember always being taught the rhyme, "Find a penny? Pick it up! And all the day you'll have good luck!"

Some years ago now I had a supervisor at work whose husband took this rather seriously and got upset when he found out that their child had found a penny on the ground and later given it to someone else! "No! Don't do that! Those are your good luck pennies! Don't give away your good luck." She got quite a laugh at that. It seems to be a recurring theme of life - wives laughing at their husbands.

Of course, when I was growing up some people always said that if the penny was "face-up" / obverse showing you should pick it up for good luck but if it was "face down" / reverse showing you should not pick it up because that was bad luck.

Thinking about that got me thinking about 2020 and pennies from 2020. I looked - while new and shiny looking the penny I found was from 2013.

I'm wondering if finding and picking up a penny from 2020 will somehow come to be seen as bad luck. If coins from 2020 could ever be seen as a bad omen from a bad time.

It's all silly - I know - superstitious nonsense, the lot of it. But it was amusing think about for a minute as I climbed in the car, tossed that penny in the cup holder and took a pump of my hand-sanitizer. I don't really believe in luck. I believe in being careful and prepared. "Fortune favors the prepared" has been my approach to life for a long time now.




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I definitely always heard that saying. And I will admit that I tend to pick up change when I see it. I'm also the kind of guy who gets upset when I buy something for, say $2.01, hand the clerk $3., and have them give me a dollar back.

Your thoughts made me remember something.....I used to, when seeing a penny face down, flip it and leave it for someone else to find. 😂😂

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Where im from, small town in south east GA, if the penny you found was heads up you kept it and if it was tails up you threw it over your shoulder, for luck. Guess its no more nuts than any other 'Good Luck' penny ritual.

You mentioned wondering if the 2013 penny would be considered bad luck and it reminded me of my father. You see after a pretty good life he passed away on Friday 13th September 2013 at 1;13pm and for those of you who didnt know this 1;13pm is 13:13 military time . So after all those 13s coming together on that day ive since wondered about the ole 13 rumors. Yeah I dont mess with 13 much anymore.

Wasnt trying to put a damper on your blog just thought I would share a story on how one number can become so large in a persons life.


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I have heard all of those reasons but the one I like the best was someone told me long ago. Always pick up a coin and keep it or pass it on to another because it had God's name on it. I liked that one I got to keep the coin.

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