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Help with identifying cause of obverse imprint.




I would like to hear all opinions on how this could have been caused. There are no vise marks, no press marks and there are no other points from the reverse showing. I have heard all sorts of theories and would love to hear any and all.

Thank you for helping with this request. 



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It can't be an error as that couldn't happen during the striking of the coin. Hard to say exactly how it happened unless you were there at the time but somehow a one cent coin was pressed into the surface either by accident or on purpose. Interested in what others have to say.

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I have been collecting large cents for a very long time and I have never seen this before. As you can see I have examined this coin at very high magnification. I cannot find any marking that would indicate hammering another coin into it. I cannot find any marks that indicate pressing. I also think that if this is transfer corrosion the wreath from the reverse would also be visible even if faint. I find it curious that the highest point from the reverse imprinted on the highest point of the obverse without any other part of the reverse showing ? Thank you for your input. I look forward to others opinion as I am at a loss for an explanation.

Typo correction version, sorry

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