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My Wife Just Used the ANA Money Museum to Tempt Me...



She loves to travel and she desperately wants to get out and take a trip somewhere and is brainstorming all of these ideas about where to go and what to do when this is over.

She's looking at taking a vacation for a long weekend to Colorado. In the middle of her research she figured out that the ANA Money Museum is in Colorado and she's trying to use a day there to tempt me into getting excited and agreeing to the idea.

Does she know me too well or think I sell too cheap? That is the question.

Edited to add:

She later asked me, "What does ANA stand for anyway?" I've been married to this woman for 4 years, folks. Doesn't even know what ANA is. Just thinks "Money Museum" is enough to get me interested. :p



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I know that it would be enough to get me interested. In fact I'd be interested even if the money museum wasn't there. There's a gold mine there that you can tour. They give you a hand pick and let you chip out a piece of gold ore for yourself. Denver has an interactive history museum that is pretty neat also, Ben would love that. I saw this on an education program entitled, "Destination Colorado." I asked my wife a few minutes ago what ANA stood for. She stumbled through it and mispronounced the word numismatic but got it right. In that respect she is one up on your wife. lol That said she only even cares about coins because I do. I even got her an associate membership in the ANA that I just renewed a few days ago. She only has it so that she can get free admission with me to the ANA's Worlds Fair of Money! She's mostly bored at the show but is kind of interested in the displays. :) Oh well, this year the only thing I'm doing is saving money for my daughter's wedding in Iceland this October! Next year the ANA will be in Chicago which is less than a three hour drive.

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I used to travel some to Denver for work, never made it to the ANA -- missed opportunities. That would be a fun trip. I also saw the show about the gold mine - that would be a nice add-on. There is a lot to see, but it's spread out - so travel time adds up.

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7 hours ago, Allen said:

Is the museum even open when you are traveling???????

I don't know when we'd be going but it wouldn't be until later.

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