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Oh no… I’m becoming what I collect. Not Fair! I miss my hair…



Around the start of our self-isolation my hair had been getting really long and my wife convinced me to just let her and Ben use the trimmer on me and make it short - finally lean into the hair loss that has been eating into my temples for 10 years. At the time I’d shaved my beard.


Recently they did another pass to keep it short and I saw a picture of myself…


Then I looked at the coins I collect, and I thought a little…


Then I went to Google and Bing for photos…


That’s not fair! That ain’t right! When I started building this set, I was 22 and I had hair on my temples! Curse you, male pattern baldness! Curse you!


My wife says I have the hair but not the nose! ;) 

Anyway... I hope that was good for a laugh for someone! lol:)

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Today was day 43 of self-isolation for us.





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My wife has always complained that at my age my hair hasn't started to significantly grey. All along she is younger than I am and totally grey. Another nice thing is that I am not losing any of it! :) I'm beginning to think that after my government imposed isolation (I say government because I didn't volunteer to isolate) I'll look like the hippie I always dreamed to be when I was 18! Really my hair gets quite annoying when it gets too long but not long enough yet to trust it to my wife!

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yeah I need a haircut and should man up to the clippers.  Your hair loss is nothing compared to where I'm at now, just turned 40.  Didn't start till I knew my wife was pregnant.

Anyways, turning into the King of the Netherlands couldn't be that bad.  Especially in this economy.

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