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What else do you collect? Beer coasters anyone?



  I was teacher for 33 years so didn't have much money to spend on things. When we traveled we drove and camped. Two of my favorite "souvenirs" that were always affordable was pressed pennies or elongated pennies which cost 51 cents. Plus you got to turn the gears to squeeze the penny and imprint the option you liked best.  

The other one  which is the subject of this entry was picking up the coasters from the many different microbreweries that we would stop at and have lunch or dinner.  Being in lock down mode for a week I started cleaning the shelves in the mancave/basement. I came across my collection of coasters and wound up taking a trip down memory lane.  I am still struggling to remember a couple of them but what fun anyway. In any case, I got to thinking that perhaps some fine folks here might also collect them and might want to swap doubles:)  I suspect that next week one day I will catalog all of them and then if there is any interest I can list them and see if we can work out a deal. I know the postage will be the most expensive thing but at least the coasters are free:)   What do you think?



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I don't know if he still has them but my dad collected match boxes and match books from restaurants / golf clubs from the 70s through at least the early 90's.  My mom never liked him keeping stuff around, but I remember he had a box in the cabinet above the fridge and sometimes I'd pick one up someplace to give to him.  Not a lot of matches out at places the last 20 years.  

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We have a collection of shot glasses in a little cabinet that we've stopped adding to because it was becoming difficult to store and keep kids away from.

We collect ornaments from places that we travel and have quite an interesting Christmas tree every year as a result.

I used to play with collectable cards and miniatures for tabletop war gaming. I still have some of them but most of the game systems are defunct and they're not worth much of anything.

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Decoys.  When I was in high school in the '60's we lived in northeastern North Carolina, near Currituck Sound and some of the best duck and goose hunting in the nation.  Lots of people had sheds full of handmade decoys, which were not worth anything at the time.  Now, some of them are worth thousands. I have collected a few dozen, mostly made in North Carolina, some worth hundreds but none of the $1,000+ varieties. I have so many now that my wife has imposed a rule: before I buy another one, I have to sell one to make room for the new one.  

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Batman Stuff, lots of Batman Stuff, Military Helmets, Ford Mustang related stuff, and lots and lots of Coins

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I’ve been going to state sales for over nine years now. That is where I have collected many different things including coasters from back in the day. I have a decent size collection but I haven’t gone through them lately. Reading your post made me think about them. I will get them out and be happy to swap a few if you like. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Cone top and steel beer cans from old, extinct breweries and brands-- some of the artwork on these early cans is wonderful.. Fortunately, the tack room in the stables stays mostly closed and weather resistant so I can display them there. My wife draws the line with my collecting when it comes to empty beer cans lining the walls in the house ..

They are nice pieces of Americana 

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