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Pictures are for Parents



My wife pointed out to me the other day, likely very correctly, that pictures of children are for parents - not for the children. I suspect their simple existence is often enough for the child to know that the parent cared enough to have them taken. Nevertheless, these are some that I wanted, and they're very much for me.



Yeah... you give a kid something and take away the pacifier and its going in the mouth.

On another front, it would appear that the time has come to start self-isolating. Therr have been several new cases in Houston associated with members of a church that's right next to the mall we go to and the coin shop we went to on our anniversary. It's all just not terribly far away from us. Tonight we went out for a dinner together while Shandy's parents had Ben and that's probably going to be the last night out for a while. We're going to sit back, watch things develop, and, assuming they don't close the schools first, we'll decide in 8 days if we're willing to let Ben keep going to pre-school. We both work from home so it's going to be really easy to lock down.

On yet another front, the long-awaited news about the bonus finally came a few weeks ago - they made it official before the price of oil REALLY tanked last week and this weekend. Anyway... I'm getting another nice raise and a bonus, and so my wife has greenlit treating myself to a very important coin. If I get it (and don't let it slip away by delaying) I'll post about it in more detail soon enough (hopefully with better pictures than the seller currently shows) but it was referenced in another entry recently for those paying attention.

I'm dragging my feet on it a little because I'm waiting to see if I might be able to snag it with an eBay bucks deal and get some money back next month. I'm going to hold out a little longer and just hope I don't shoot myself in the foot.



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8 hours ago, ColonialCoinsUK said:

You need to feed the little lad xD

I hope you get the coin you are after - that will be one more down!

He was born at just over 3.1 pounds and now weighs in at 18 lbs, so he's grown a lot but he's still small and on the thinner side for a baby his age. We're noticing his food consumption / demands starting to tick up though.

The coin is ordered! More on that to come soon (much more, it'll be a long post lol). Anyway... It'll soon be an 80% complete date set and a 72% complete registry set.

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