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Tom Lemon


Well, the mint has once again screwed us low end collectors with what will become one of the hardest and HIGHEST priced coins to get and collect as well as one of the lowest minted coins ever put out. The new 2019 (S) Silver Reverse PF - Enhanced Finished Coins. I can only hope to get one when they are first released. If not only the rich will get them. Getting a 70 will break the bank. Just my 2 cents. 



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Well one way is to try and get one directly from the mint the day they go on sell and send it in to NGC! You got to be fast though,  cause they'll go fast!

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Seems like most mint issues nowadays soar, pricewise, at first then come down to Earth for us less heeled a year or so later.  I am willing to wait because even the mint's pricing is sometimes way higher than the market price down the line.

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I never got an S. Live too far away from any of the mints actually. I did find a D that is strange looking though. Having someone look at pics before I post it, if it is worth posting.

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I'll be like so many other's trying to get at least one for myself and hope it's a 70. As a small time collector it's hard to get some of these coins even if they are cheap to start with. If the numbers stay true to how many to make I'll never be able afford it after they go live from and try to get a  NGC PF70. Just a numbers game that only the rich can do. I just got the West Point + Maple Leaf RPF set only to have to send it back because the guy sent me a PF69 Maple Leaf not the PF70 I paid for. We'll see how that turns out. Thanks for the comments and thoughts everyone. 

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4 hours ago, Tom Lemon said:

 I just got the West Point + Maple Leaf RPF set only to have to send it back because the guy sent me a PF69 Maple Leaf not the PF70 I paid for.

Do you mind giving a little more detail about this transaction?

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I'm working on getting this corrected. I'm still waiting for a reply from the guy I bought them from. I have to give him a chance to fix it. I bought them on Ebay so I know it will be taken care of. 

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Well it's a late follow up but, here goes: I did get the correct coin on the West Point set he just mess up and sent the wrong coin. He sent me the correct one at know cost including sending the other one back to him which he paid for all the S/H. As for the (S) REV Proof I still haven't gotten one (Yet) the PF70's are still going at least $1700-$1800 min. I'm saving up the money and hope to get my #1 Rev PF Collectors Set back to #1, it dropped to #26 for one coin. Sad but, we'll see how it goes. BTW: I did sit on the PC and tried to get one of the coins but, every time I tried to pay for it at check out the site kick me out! 5 different times until it just shut down all together. Again the mint doesn't care and they new this was going to happen!!! When you only have 30,000 coins and a few million people trying to get one, the site's going to crash! The dealers were paying people just to sit on the phone and buy them for their company's. Think about it, if you pay someone a few dollars for 20 min of work and you get a return of 25-30 times your cost. That's a lot of money! Thanks for the comments and suggestions, stay save and keep well.

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I agree its late. However i collect on a budget no impulse buying. A good friend of mine convinced me that anything that comes from the mint will come down. He was right. I will not publish my price all i can say is he was right. I wated a few months they were still on ebay. Now i said i buy on a budget. But i buy smart. I bought that set very cheep from the prices that came down like a.rock rolling from a mountain. The longer you waite the  the more they come down. The seller is getting new items to sell and wants old in vintorty gone. Thats the time to pull the trigger. Im very happy. The seller made his money on the early sellers. And its always good to have a friend as a seller.  Mike

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The 2017 enhanced uncirculated set made for the mints anniversary broke out of thebgate and sold out in a day. Two daysblater they were flying ba xk. I like the coins you can buy this complete ten coin set for nothing today. I always wait. I sid on these but also knew a seller so i didnt have to waite to long. I found an artice on this set. What a mess. I mean large orders sent back. I put in my browser 2017 enhanced set. Read the article. Something went on. To the point there giving them away. Thanks Mike.

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