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Finally Moving on the Falcons (and the Queen's Beasts)



I finally convinced myself to pick up some more air-tite capsules for the British Queen's Beasts coins, since I've been out of them since I picked up the last of the Black Bulls I needed, and now I've ordered three of the Falcon coins.

It'll be a while before they arrive because I ordered them with an echeck to keep the costs as low as possible.

I've been thinking I needed to do this for a while because Christmas will be here before long and I've been giving these to my Step-father as presents because he likes them but doesn't generally buy such things for himself. I've given him the first 5 coins in the series and I want to continue forward with giving him a complete set. I also want to have a complete set or two at least for myself at this point.

Getting three of these at least gives me one to give to Choya and one each for my sons. I'm still interested in completing all five of the sets I've started in addition to the one I've been giving Choya, but I find myself rather behind in the series, and I don't want to tie up too much cash on just one entry in the series right now given that there's two other designs to catch up on and some other things, like the Zimbabwe note set, that I want to make a little more progress on before the year is over.

Looking back on it, my distaste for the Falcons has cooled. I don't dislike them anymore but they still don't really impress me.

The Yule still doesn't do much to excite me.

The recently released White Lion of Mortimer, at least, is a solid entry in the series and I like it, though I honestly find it inferior to the Lion of England design that kicked off the series. I've always thought it a bit odd and interesting that there'd be two lions in the series. It does do a lot to renew my faith and interest in the series with 2 more designs to go before it's all over.

A couple of people from my company's home office were in-town this week - one from Scotland and one from England. I brought in and showed them the Unicorn of Scotland and Lion of England rounds, which was fun. Neither of them collects coins, even English issues like these. The Scottish co-worker is a fan of Scottish independence so he's not a fan of anything with Elizabeth II on it, so that was a funny exchange to watch.


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Completely agree with you on the different designs.  The Yule is a yawn.

Recently upgraded my son's storage collection to include an empty Queens Beast Black Bull monster box.  $15 from Apmex.  He's 9 and really into this British show called "Horrible Histories" that is up on Hulu.  Figured since he's always going on and on about William the Conqueror, the Restoration, and other facts about the UK I figured he'll show interest in their coins at some point.  For now, he's still hooked on American large cents but hey.  New cool box to store them all in, amiright?

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