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Missing Newman Envelope from Part XI Auction

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Last November, I noticed that the latest round of deaccessions from the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society, billed as the Eric P. Newman Collection Part XI US Coins Signature Auction, also had a few world coins mixed in.  I won this nice upgrade for the 1733 klippe 8 reales that I mentioned in a previous journal entry.  But, I was also curious because of the lot description that included:

"A scarce-to-rare example of the Philip V 8 reales pistareen with cut sides, struck on a screw press according to the Eric P. Newman kraft envelope, which accompanies the coin."

I was aware that "pistareen" was a nickname for Spanish 2 reales coins and wondered why Mr. Newman would mention that in his notes about an 8 reales.  Alas, I was unable to glean any more information by examining the envelope because it was not included in the shipment from Heritage.  I did complain to Heritage and they checked with their shipping department and opened an investigation into the issue.  However, after a month they concluded that the envelope was lost.  They did offer a refund if I wanted to return the coin but I elected to keep it, but I was able to get a credit for part of the lot cost. 

I imagine that it was accidentally shipped with a different lot so if you received an envelope with your package from the Eric P. Newman Collection Part XI US Coins Signature Auction that doesn't seem to belong with your lot, it may be mine.  Please contact Heritage if that's the case.

As part of my investigation into the "pistareen" question, I came across a great article from the April 2001 issue of the Colonial Newsletter that discusses how a coin that was never meant to be used outside of Spain, was actually one of the most commonly used coins in Colonial Virginia.  This connection may have been how Mr. Newman recognized some of the similar design elements on the 8 reales klippe as the shield on the obverse is the same although the style of the cross on the reverse only bears a slight resemblance.  I'll leave it to you to hunt down example photos of a "pistareen" and I'll just show my photos of my new klippe.



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Yeah, you always hate it when the side stuff goes missing. The focus is on the coin and all the side stuff that was promised with it is an afterthought that often gets lost it seems.

Unfortunately I didn't buy anything from these auctions so I can't help you there, but I hope you do find it. I'm sure that would frustrate me.

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I posted a summary of this to several other forums and although it's only been a few days I have already got some attention.  I received a nice phone message from a Heritage representative who said they would launch another investigation into this.

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I also own a Newman coin with a missing envelope. At least mine wasn't lost by Heritage, mine was lost by me. It's in my house somewhere and since I am retired as of 12/31/18 I'll have plenty of time to find it. That said, given the choice of the two I'd rather have it lost in my house. At least that way its under my control. Jack, I hope that somehow Heritage will come up with your envelope soon. The envelope and NGC's label go together very nicely to show the Newman provenance.


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After my last update, I though I would try to see if I could determine the position of the nice person who called be about the missing envelope.  It turns out it was Heritage's Director of Numismatics. :bigsmile:  She mentioned that she would ask the catalog group to conduct a search and just tonight she called back to say they found it and will be shipping it out ASAP.  :banana: Thank you, Sarah!  I'll post a picture of the envelope when it arrives.

On 1/21/2019 at 11:48 AM, gherrmann44 said:

It's in my house somewhere and since I am retired as of 12/31/18 I'll have plenty of time to find it

Gary, it sounds like your early retirement has become a reality.  I hope you got a nice golden parachute!

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Yes the golden parachute was very nice. Unfortunately, taxes ate up more than 30% of my parachute (I wonder if I jumped out of a plane with 30% less parachute if I would have a soft landing)? With the rush of cash to my checking account, I was tempted for a couple of micro seconds to spend it on a dream coin. Fortunately, I came to my senses and paid the house off! Anyway a dream coin would have been a hard sell to my wife. For a few micro seconds I didn't see a need to confess a momentary lapse of judgement to my wife! I will be writing a post soon about where do I go from here, new purchases are definitely in my future, just not as many. :)BTW, I logged into my mortgage account this morning and showed my wife the page that said, "ACCOUNT CLOSED". I wouldn't trade her reaction to that for ANY dream coin!

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jgenn, glad to hear that the envelope was found as it is nice to have all extras related to the history of a coin. I have a sixpence from the Eric P. Newman collection, also from Heritage, but there was never any mention of an envelopexD

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I now have the envelope and it does not use the term "pistareen" so I now know it was the cataloger who used that less than appropriate description.




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49 minutes ago, jgenn said:

I now have the envelop and it does not use the term "pistareen" so I now know it was the cataloger who used that less than appropriate description.

Glad it worked out for you. :)

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Well I finally won an auction with a token and the Newman label. They also i included the envelope. It's a Hard Times Token HT  32. It's a MS 64 RB . I checked the pop on it. Three graded MS 64 and only five graded higher. When I saw the token I had been looking for it in a decent shape. It was this and knew it was good. Now they didn't show the label. You click on the token and the information comes up. It was special holder I didn't understand that but in the corner it had Mr. Newman's name. I was shocked when I found out I had won. I now have a Newman Token and I am proud of it. Never thought I would own one. Just plain luck and the winning bid was nice and in my range. People do that all the time at auctions.. I don't I  always check. Thanks

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